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Preventing Neck Pain Related to Your Computer Usage

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Do you spend a significant amount of your time sitting in front of a computer? If so, then your chiropractor will tell you that good workplace ergonomics could be the key to avoiding neck pain. Continue reading for tips on preventing neck pain that’s related to your computer usage.

Improve Neck Strength
Strengthening the tissues that are responsible for supporting your cervical spine is another way to help prevent neck pain that results from computer use. Speak with your physical therapy provider or chiropractor about stretches that you can perform to relieve neck pain, and exercises that you can practice to improve the strength of your neck.

Don’t Look Down
Poor workplace ergonomics and the neck pain that follows are common issues that lead people to visit a chiropractor. When it comes to pain related to computer use, one common cause is looking down at your screen, for example, if you use a laptop computer. To help prevent neck pain, your eyes should point directly at the top third of the monitor, elbows should be at your sides, and forearms should be approximately parallel to the floor when you’re typing.

Practice Good Posture
Maintaining good posture throughout the day, even while sitting at your desk, can be essential for preventing neck pain. To practice good posture while sitting in an office chair, ensure that your back is aligned with the chair’s back. Also, you should avoid leaning forward and slouching. Your elbows should be flexed between a 75 and 90-degree angle while you’re sitting in your office chair, and your knees should be level with your hips or slightly above. Also, your feet should remain flat on the floor and your shoulders should stay straight. Finally, remember not to stay in one place for too long and to stand, walk, and stretch as needed.

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