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Getting Back on Your Feet After Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that is common among runners and other active adults. It occurs when the plantar fascia is inflamed and irritated. This thick band of fibrous tissue is found along the bottom of the foot. It’s responsible for connecting the toes to the heel bone. The sharp, stabbing heel pain that is characteristic of plantar fasciitis can be debilitating, but there are effective treatments available. With the help of specialists, such as a physical therapist and sports medicine doctor, you can completely recover from plantar fascia pain.

Physical Activity
Plantar fasciitis symptoms tend to worsen with increased physical activity or prolonged periods of standing. The first step in getting back on your feet after a diagnosis is actually to get off of them for a while. Take a break from exercise, and talk to your supervisor at work about modifying your job responsibilities slightly while you recover. For example, if you’re a librarian at the check-in station, you can slide a chair over and sit while you work.

Pain Management
Plantar fascia pain can usually be managed effectively with over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. Your doctor may recommend nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). He or she should know about any other medications you might take in order to prevent a possible interaction. If OTC drugs aren’t enough, a sports medicine doctor might recommend a corticosteroid injection directly into the inflamed tissue. At home, you can use ice therapy. Fill a plastic water bottle about three-fourths full with water, and freeze it. Take your shoes off, but leave your socks on. Place the water bottle on the floor, and roll your feet on it, one at a time.

Physical Rehabilitation
Physical therapy can ease your pain by relaxing the tight muscles in your calves and feet. Your physical therapist will show you how to safely and effectively perform the calf stretch and plantar fascia stretch. You’ll also learn how to reduce your risk of a recurrent injury.

At The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we often treat patients near The Woodlands with severe plantar fascia pain. We are a clinic comprised of genuinely compassionate healthcare providers who firmly believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, pain-free life. Call (281) 362-0006 to request an appointment.

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