Cervical Decompression Therapy in The Woodlands and Houston cervical decompression therapy in the woodlands and houston

If the cervical compression is not severe, or if only root nerves are being compressed, your physician may prescribe a soft neck collar. This will provide the added stability and support that your neck needs. Drugs that help with relaxing the muscles and reduce inflamed muscles could be prescribed for your benefit. Your physician may additionally recommend cervical decompression therapy, which stabilizes your spine, uplifts your posture, helps with your muscle tone and removes the added pressure off the compressed discs.

Cervical decompression therapy involves massages, electrical stimulation, special exercises, and the application of hot and cold packs to reduce swelling and ease inflammation. Just like most routes to healing, one of the most important components of cervical decompression therapy is exercise. Walk as often as possible to help strengthen the muscles in your back, hips and legs.

This group of muscles is extremely important for good posture and support to your spine, and must remain in shape to improve stability and walking. Add at least twenty minutes of walking into your regular daily routine. It is a short interval that will make the difference. Stretching will also be required to help you heal, which serve to build strength and endurance, and increase your overall flexibility.

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