Facet Syndrome and Treatments in The Woodlands and Houston Facet Syndrome and Treatments in The Woodlands and Houston

Facet syndrome is a terrible condition in which the joints in the back of the spine decay and eventually causes serious pain.

The facet joints are always going to be affected because they are found at every joint of the lumbar spine. They provide about 20 percent of the twisting stability in the lower back. Every joint is positioned equally at the spine so that the back can rotate easily when needed.

Facet joints also stop the vertebra from sinking into the one underneath it. A small capsule engulfs each of the facet joints which provides the lubrication that it needs.

The back and spine is known for nerves and the facet joint is a part of that structure. Each joint has a large supply of tiny nerve fibers that provide a painful stimulus when the joint is injured or irritated. Swollen facets can cause a powerful muscle spasm. In a way this is a wonderful mechanism because it is a condition that can be identified and doesn’t leave you guessing what is causing the pain and is therefore treatable.

Since facet joints are constantly moving, it is no wonder that they decay. Sometimes they simply wear out like the rest of the body. When facet joints become worn or torn, the cartilage may become thin or disappear altogether. The bone in the joint underneath can produce an overgrowth of bone spurs and an enlargement of the joints. When this takes place, we say the joint has arthritic changes, or osteoarthritis, which can produce a large amount back pain when a person is active. This condition may also be referred to as facet joint disease, or facet joint syndrome.

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