Post Surgical Chiropractic Assistance in The Woodlands and Houston

Post surgical treatment is where we thrive. Following surgeries, other disorders can leave you playing a guessing game of where pain will strike next including the affected area. We call this “Pain Roulette”. Patients will struggle to figure out how to solve their pain issues. The great news is that we can narrow down some the options for you.

What to Look For

After the surgery, you might be frustrated that you are experiencing pain that you have never had before. You might be wondering if you had a successful surgery. The pain you were hoping to get rid of may have returned. Unfortunately some patients become addicted to their painkillers when they were innocently trying to take care of their pain issues.

What It Feels Like

  • Numbness, loss of sensitivity
  • Tingling, prickling or burning sensation
  • Sharp pains and cramps
  • Difficulty sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Loss of balance or coordination
  • Bell’s Palsy on one side of the face

What Action to Take

If you think or know that you have a failed surgery response, call Spine & Disc immediately. Our Spine & Disc office can possibly fix your recurring and re-developing pains. We can perform a specific treatment plan for you and detect any issues that might require more medical attention. All the while we will do our best to provide relief for immediate pain. Our practice uses Wave Therapy™ the Newlife Protocol™ treatment to relieve neuropathic pain.

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For more information or a consultation about your condition or the services / treatments we provide, please call HSRC and start living pain free Today and always remember-

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