Stenosis Treatment in The Woodlands and Houston Stenosis Treatment in The Woodlands and Houston

Spinal Stenosis might become more of problem as you age and is more common among older people. When the spine compresses as you age, the bone fans out and can sometimes create small projections. These bulges can cause irregularities that can harm the nerves in the spinal cord.

What You Notice

Symptoms will noticeable slowly at first and then increase with pain and eventually get worse over time. Most of the time only one side of the body is affected, thankfully not both. If the symptoms of stenosis continue and remain untreated, the pain can become very intense to the point of being unable to walk. If the assault to the nerve is grave, it may ultimately kill the nerve, or make healing impossible. The pain from stenosis is more likely to be felt or be more intense when you stand up or walk upright. Leaning forward or sitting can lessen the pain or make it go away completely. Most people with spinal stenosis do not have the ability to walk until healing is provided.

What It Feels Like

  • Numbness, cramping, or pain in the back, buttocks, thighs, or calves, or in the neck, shoulders, or arms
  • Weak feelings of part of a limb
  • Difficult to balance while walking
  • Difficulty controlling urine or bowel movements

Take Action

Visit our office as soon as these symptoms arise so that the severity of your condition can be determined and taken care of. Quick action can prevent permanent nerve damage which can cause your legs and feet to lose their ability to move.

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