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Pain Management in The Woodlands

Chronic pain conditions often require pain management medication. The pain management team at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers are trained on locating painful conditions and helping patients cope with them. Our on-site licensed medical physician will assess your pain management needs with a conservative approach. Your complete recovery is our ultimate goal.

Enhanced relief for pain management in houston and the woodlands

We know how debilitating chronic pain and especially back pain can be. Fortunately as we’ve learned more about how back pain can be treated, a wide variety of techniques for therapy and training exercises have been invented and improved upon. When you work with a specialist at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center, you’ll be getting our full suite of services to help you manage lower, mid, and upper back pain the right way.

Chiropractors & So Much More

Back pain of any sort, whether it be in the lower part of your back, the middle section, or even towards your shoulders can be crippling, especially when you’re working and raising a family. Life has tons of stresses and physical pain can be a potentially life altering addition if it is not treated correctly. Fortunately, the team at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center has spent years perfecting a wide range of back treatments, from chiropractic work, forms of physical therapy, aqua therapy, adjustments, back stretches, and core strengthening exercises. We are excited to share this wealth of information with you so that you can get back to your normal routines. If you need help managing back pain and alleviating the symptoms of any kind, contact us today. Within a few sessions, you’ll learn exercises and stretches you can do at home to continue your recovery. Don’t let pain ruin your livelihood - contact The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center today to get treatment started.

Back Pain, Be Gone!

If you or someone you know has been suffering with back pain of any kind and other treatment options have failed, contact The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center today. Our comprehensive and holistic chiropractic care is designed to help diagnose and treat any type of back pain. We help to develop strategies and routines for our patients to use at home, at the gym, and with a variety of other rehabilitation regimens. We are proud to a business that helps people feel their best because we know that feeling healthy is key to living life to the fullest. Our long time clients would agree and we aim to develop deep relationships so we can provide ever better service. Our non-invasive back pain management system ensures that you will be able to continue with your normal life routines and can ease your way into treatment so that you have as little interruption as possible.

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For more information or a consultation about your condition or the services / treatments we provide, please call HSRC and start living pain free Today and always remember-

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