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Chiropractors and other specialists in orthopedics routinely use X-rays as part of the diagnostic and treatment planning processes. X-rays are particularly helpful for evaluating the source of back pain. Digital radiography is one of the latest innovations you may find at the office of your chiropractor, although this technology is not yet widely available. Instead of the photographic film that traditional X-rays use, digital X-rays rely on digital sensors. This has a number of advantages for patients.

With digital X-rays, the patient is exposed to the smallest possible dose of radiation. When the images are taken, the chiropractor can view them on a computer screen. This allows for significant image enhancement, since chiropractors can magnify, crop, and align the images, along with enhancing the density and contrast. Image manipulation supports accurate diagnoses and facilitates effective treatment planning.

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers proudly offers digital X-rays to our valued patients, along with advanced options for scoliosis treatment, whiplash treatment, and herniated disc treatment near The Woodlands.

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