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Migraine Auras

Anyone who has suffered a migraine attack knows it’s not just another headache. The pain can be disabling, and may last hours or even days. Many patients consult chiropractors for headache pain relief. Migraines are also accompanied by other neurological symptoms, such as auras. These cause the perception of flashes of light in one’s field of vision. Some patients also suffer from blind spots. Auras can occur before the migraine, and may serve to warn patients that it’s time to get to the chiropractor’s office. Sometimes, auras occur during the migraine.

Visual auras are the most common type, although some people suffer from sensory, verbal, or motor disturbances. A visual aura may last 10 to 30 minutes. It can cause the appearance of a “hole” of light, bright lines, or bright shapes. A sensory aura can cause numbness or tingling on one side of the face.

Migraines and other chronic headaches are some of the many conditions we can treat here at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. If you’re in need of rapid headache relief and live near The Woodlands, call us today at (281) 362-0006.

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