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Our exceptional work with our clients, and our amazing team of doctors have made their way into the press and media – numerous times. Take a look and see how the professionals at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center have helped and contributed to the industry.


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Olympic Hopeful Kassidy Cook with Dr. Dr. Mark Yezak and Dr. Joshua Akerman, D.C. on Fox 26 Houston

3 Perfect Posture Tips

What’s weighing your purse down?

What’s weighing your backpack down?

High Heels: Dos and Don’ts

Do You Have Text Neck?

What’s weighing your briefcase down?

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers


Featured Releases and Articles


Dr. Chris Verheul, B.S., D.C. Joins Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Chris Verheul, B.S., D.C. has joined Dr. Dr. Mark Yezak at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers’ Houston Mid-Town location, 2000 Crawford, Suite 1220 in Houston. Dr. Chris Verheul, B.S., D.C. was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. During his high school years, he excelled at multiple sports, but he chose to focus on running. ( Read More)


It’s Not All Just in the Head: Renowned Local Chiropractor Discusses 3 Sports Injuries That Aren’t Concussion

When discussing sports injuries, the conversation typically turns to the topic of concussions; recent awareness in professional football of these injuries – highlighted by the recent Will Smith docudrama “Concussion” – can make it sound like concussions… ( Read More)


Aligning Dreams: Long-term relationships and caring hands help Olympic hopeful Kassidy Cook remain at peak performance

For literally three-quarters of her life, Woodlands resident Kassidy Cook has dedicated her life to the sport of diving. The petite, 20-year-old athlete has eyed competing in the Summer Olympics for Team USA since she first dove into the pool at the age of four. ( Read More)


Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center Initiates a Campaign that Combats “Text Neck”

With the advent of portable technology, more and more people have taken to assuming new positions. “Walking tall” has been replaced with lowered heads and shuffling steps as you check your social media on the move or at the table. ( Read More)


Peak Performance

Kassidy Cook is one of The Woodland’s brightest stars. She has battled injury and narrowly missing out on the 2012 Summer Olympics to become one of the most highly anticipated 2016 Team U.S.A divers. (Read More)


One Spine Expert Warns Against Dumping The Pumps

Victoria Beckham certainly knows a thing or two about fashion, but even the A-list designer knows that the sky is not the limit when it comes to painful footwear. The former Spice Girl… ( Read More)

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