Our Approach to Pain Management

Here at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we understand that chronic pain can affect your quality of life in so many ways. It’s our mission to restore your quality of life while using the most conservative treatments possible. Many of our patients achieve back pain relief after a short course of medications and physical therapy. For those who still experience symptoms, we may recommend medicated injections. Injections can provide fast, long-lasting back pain relief, and also serve as a way to more fully evaluate the factors contributing to your symptoms.

If you’ve already undergone these conservative treatment options, or if your symptoms are very severe, you may be a good candidate for spine surgery. A doctor will explain the potential risks and possible benefits, and give you all the information you need to make a healthcare decision that’s right for you. If you do have spine surgery, you’ll find a full range of post-surgical rehabilitation services right here in our clinic.

If you’re looking for long-lasting back pain relief, and you live near The Woodlands, call us today at (281) 297-8105. The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers is comprised of a friendly, interdisciplinary team of professionals who are committed to restoring your wellness.

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