Our Partnership with Airrosti

To offer our patients access to the widest range of effective treatments for pain relief, The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers has formed an alliance with Airrosti Rehab Centers to provide a cutting-range approach to soft tissue treatment.

Airrosti Rehab Centers, or simply Airrosti, is responsible for employing and training skilled musculoskeletal care providers. These providers offer outcome-driven care for soft tissue injuries by diagnosing and correcting the root cause of the pain. Typically, patients get results from only three treatments and are then able to return to their usual activities. Airrosti’s treatments are so effective that most patients leave their first appointments with significantly less pain.

To find out more about our partnership with Airrosti and the rest of our providers at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, contact our office today. We offer a wide range of services, from back pain relief to neck pain treatment through chiropractic care and physical therapy. Contact our treatment center in The Woodlands by calling (281) 297-8105.

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