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The Woodlands and Houston

Comprehensive Back Pain Relief & Treatments

There is no convenient time for back pain, and what’s worse is that it can flare up at any time, making everyday life a real challenge. Fortunately, the experts at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers are highly experienced in a wide range of treatments for all types of back pain, whether you’re experiencing constant, dull aching type of pain or a more intense chronic pain. We have locations in Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land, TX. It can come on without warning and only last a short while, but often times it is a slow process that accumulates and intensifies over a period of time, with chronic symptoms that can last months or even years.Sometimes, over-the-counter medications can provide a small level of relief and help you continue day-to-day activities, but full recovery takes more than just a few pills. You need the services of dedicated professionals to accurately diagnose the causes of upper back pain, middle back pain and lower back pain. Most people think staying in bed will eventually cure them of back pain, but this is a misconception that could lead to prolonged symptoms.




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Back Pain

Causes & Types

Lifting a heavy object, moving suddenly from one place to another, staying in one position for too long, or any number of accidents can all cause lasting back pain. According to Medline Plus 2010, “Acute low back pain is usually brought on by a sudden injury to the muscles, ligaments, bones, and nerves in the spine.” Because there are so many ways your back can be hurt, there are also a variety of accompanying sensations, including:


Tingling, prickling or burning sensations

Difficult to bear shooting pains

Dull continuous aching

Throbbing and burning

Shaking and weakness

Serious leg pain

Not able to bend or lift

Pain or discomfort sitting for long periods

Back Pain Relief

Things You Can Try

Inflammation is often the primary source of back pain, so it is therefore important to reduce swelling as much as possible. While you are healing, it is best to avoid strenuous activities, and both heat and ice packs can be applied to the afflicted area to relieve soreness and inflammation. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can provide short-term relief in the interim period to recovery. Common wisdom prescribes plenty of bed rest, but too much of it can actually exacerbate the problem. When sleeping, try sleeping on your side with your knees elevated upwards or forward to help relieve pressure on the back. This can especially help with your lower back pain.

However, if you find your pain is just too much to bear alone, The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers are here to provide a variety of solutions, including laser wave therapy.

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