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The Woodlands and Houston

Headaches, Migraines, Treatments & TMJ Disorder Treatment

If you were to search for Migraine Therapy on the web, you would come up with a myriad of responses. Yet with all this information, people visit the ER with a migraine headache every minute. Within 1 in 4 homes, someone experiences migraines. Chances are you know someone who experiences migraines and needs migraine therapy. Maybe you are the one who has migraines and you are looking for some relief. Call us today and ask specifically about Migraine Therapy. There are migraine therapies available to help you. You will be relieved once you make the phone call and start treating your pain.


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18% of women and 6% of men in the USA suffer from migraines

Pulsing or throbbing pain

Sensitivity to light and noise

Nausea or vomiting

Often on one side of the head

Lasts four hours to three days

Tension headache

“Vise-like” pressure or ache around the head; no throbbing

Tightness in the neck

Occurs in forehead, temples or back of the head and neck

Lasts 30 minutes to seven days

Can go on for weeks or months, then stop for months or years

Organic headache

Rare, caused by brain tumor, aneurysm, hematoma, infection, hemorrhage or meningitis

Symptoms come on suddenly, including pain, lack of balance and behavioral changesv

Cluster headache


Affects less than 1% of population mostly men

Known as suicide headache

Piercing pain on one side

Usually accompanied by eye pain or watering, runny nose

Lasts 30 to 45 minutes and recurs in clusters.

Sinus headache

Pressure around the nose and cheeks and under the eyes

Usually accompanied by a fever and infection or allergies

Rebound headache

Stems from overmedicating initial headache(s)


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