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The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center’s Mission Statement

The chiropractic and physical therapy doctors of HSRC dedicate themselves daily to accomplishing the mission of healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit of every patient we encounter and provide the highest quality health care in Houston, Texas. With the mission to offer quality chiropractic, rehabilitation, physical therapy services to all of Houston, Dr. Dr. Mark Yezak, B.S., D.C, along with colleague Dr. Scott Neuburger, B.S., D.C., grew their practice to multiple locations dispersed throughout the Houston, TX area. The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers engage specialized doctors and therapists who provide nothing less than the highest quality of patient care. With over 50 years of combined medical service experience, our dedicated staff draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise in treating and preventing back, neck, and common musculoskeletal injuries. Our team of doctors, therapists, and rehabilitation facilitators not only address individual conditions or injuries, but we educate our patients for the prevention of similar injuries in the future — our attention to care while educating sets us apart from other facilities.

Our Houston facilities were created to be a unique experience for patients and house all rehabilitation services in one place. Our chiropractic and physical therapy doctors can help by identifying, diagnosing, and treating under the same roof. There is no need to visit multiple locations and see many different doctors to get the help you deserve. The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers has a full staff of chiropractors, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, spine surgeons, and pain management providers to bring you the best care possible.


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