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Hannah Zimmer

Dr. Hannah Zimmer

Dr. Hannah Zimmer is a chiropractor at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. Dr. Zimmer employs a research-based approach to chiropractic medicine in order to provide lasting relief to her valued patients.

Dr. Zimmer grew up on a farm in Willis, Texas. She has always enjoyed the great outdoors and learned at a young age that being active is the first step to being healthy. Team sports were a big part of her and her sibling’s life. In order to perform at their best, the whole Zimmer family saw a chiropractor at least once a month to help keep their bodies injury free. It was in this energetic participation in weight lifting and soccer that Dr. Zimmer realized the benefits of chiropractic care.

After high school, Dr. Zimmer attended Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Anatomy. In 2020 Dr. Zimmer graduated from TCC with her Doctorate of Chiropractic.

In her spare time, Dr. Zimmer enjoys spending time with her family, playing soccer, going to the gym, and reading.

Dr. Zimmer has worked in chiropractic practices since she was 18 years old and loves applying her experience and training to changing the lives of Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center patients.

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