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Almost everyone has an occasional headache. However, if you have chronic headaches or migraines, or if your pain is so severe that it disrupts your life, help is available. The team at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, and Houston, Texas, diagnoses the cause of your headaches and addresses it with personalized treatment plans. Call Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers or schedule a consultation online today for personalized treatments for headaches.

Headache Q & A

What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?

A headache is a pain in your head that can have a variety of causes. A migraine is a group of neurological symptoms that include headaches, as well as nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, and odor, visual disturbances, and mood changes. Like headaches, migraines have a variety of potential triggers.

What causes headaches and migraines?

Primary headaches are independent health conditions that are usually caused by overactivity in the pain-sensitive parts of your brain, including your blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. Hormonal fluctuations and other chemical activity in your brain can trigger primary headaches.

Secondary headaches are usually caused by other factors or illnesses, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Colds and flu
  • Head injuries
  • Bleeding in our around your brain
  • Teeth-grinding

The causes of migraines aren’t fully understood. However, medical research indicates that migraines have several potential triggers like hormonal fluctuations, stress, muscle tension, poor posture, and food products, including caffeine, chocolate, cheese, or alcohol. Some migraines are triggered by strong smells, flickering or bright lights, or temperature changes.

How are headaches treated?

The team at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers offers customized treatment plans to address the root cause of your headaches and migraines. For example, you might find that chiropractic care, massage therapy, or physical therapy to reduce tension in your back, neck, and jaw significantly reduces or eliminates your headaches.

Following a thorough assessment, your provider might recommend that you follow an elimination diet for a few weeks and then gradually add food back in to identify any headache or migraine triggers. They might also recommend lifestyle adjustments or nutritional supplements to enhance your overall health and lower your risk of headaches.

How can I reduce my risk of headaches?

In general, making healthy lifestyle choices can reduce your risk of headaches. You should make sure to drink at least eight cups of water every day. Additionally, avoid tobacco products and limit your consumption of alcohol. Wine, in particular, has ingredients that are known to trigger headaches, and it contributes to dehydration.

Make sure to wear UV-blocking sunglasses when you go outside to protect your eyes. Also, make sure to get enough sleep and don’t skip meals.

If you’re troubled by chronic headaches or migraines, call Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers or make an appointment online.