The Best Alternatives To Back Surgery

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Do you suffer from back pain? Especially if it’s a chronic condition, you might believe that back pain surgery is the only option you have to rid yourself of such intense, debilitating suffering.

Luckily, though, this is not entirely correct. You have, in fact, several different ways that can help you combat your back pain and get back to living a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life before Surgery. Surgery is a last resort!

Would you like to discover some of the best, most effective, and less invasive back surgery alternatives? Our guide right here has got you covered.

The Alternatives to Back Pain Surgery

Below you will find the four most successful ways in which you can ease your back pain without the need for surgery or other invasive treatment.

Spinal Decompression

This is a popular technique that involves taking pressure off some parts of your spine through specific, gentle movements and manipulations.

Physical Therapy

Another very useful and non-invasive way to treat back pain – both acute and chronic – is through regular and personalized sessions of physical therapy.

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The duration of these sessions can vary, depending on the root cause of your back pain, the specific part of your back where you experience pain, and whether your back pain is acute or chronic.

Physical therapy for back pain is advantageous only when performed by a trained, trusted, and qualified physical therapist. This is fundamental because your therapist will not only perform specific manipulations during your sessions, but they will also provide you with customized guidance on exercises to perform at home and without their supervision.

Pain Management

Acute back pain, such as that caused by a sports injury, can be relieved temporarily through pain management. For example, your doctor might advise you to apply cold packs or heating pads for the first day or so following your injury.

Man suffering from severe back pain at home

In parallel, they might recommend taking over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol.

On the other hand, pain management for chronic back pain may not benefit too much from pain management as such.

It’s not wise or healthy, in fact, to take drugs on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time, and applying cold or heat packs will probably stop being effective after a few days.

Naturally, if you have tried all of these non-invasive treatments to ease your back pain symptoms but none of them has worked, it might be time to consider back pain surgery.

Let Houston Spine & Rehab Help You

If you suffer from back pain and are based in the Houston area, then you should give Houston Spine & Rehab a call.

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Founded over 15 years ago by two skilled, qualified, and committed doctors, our Houston clinic has gradually transformed into a real one-stop shop for anyone in the area experiencing back pain.

At Houston Spine & Rehab, we offer a variety of treatments for back pain, including physical therapy and pain management.

We are also currently offering FREE reviews of your MRI scans. Simply contact the clinic when you receive a copy of your MRI scan report and request your complimentary and personalized MRI review performed by our Chief of Staff, Dr. Yezak.

Consider the Best Alternatives to Back Pain Surgery

Suffering from either acute or chronic back pain doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to undergo surgery if you want to rid yourself of the pain.

As we discussed on this page, there are several different ways to tackle back pain safely, gently, and effectively, without intervening in an extreme way such as having surgery.

At Houston Spine & Rehab we will help you find the best non-invasive back pain treatment for your specific needs and circumstances, to enable you to take your life back and eliminate your pain for good. Contact us today.

Dr. Mark Yezak
Mark Yezak, BS, DC, is the founder, chiropractic director, and chief of staff at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. Offering 25 years of experience. Dr. Yezak is a published author of research papers, books, and journal entries. He is undoubtedly a leader in his field.
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