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Procedures Provided in Houston & The Woodlands

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers offer comprehensive chiropractic care, among other services, at our four convenient locations in and around Houston, TX. Our exceptional staff has more than 50 years of combined medical experience and is committed to providing superior chiropractic, rehabilitation, and physical therapy services at our offices in The Woodlands, Houston, and Midland. In addition to treating specific injuries and conditions, our team of doctors, rehabilitation facilitators, and therapists aim to help each patient prevent similar injuries in the future. Whether you need spine rehab, pain relief treatment, physical therapy, or care for a range of other ailments, contact our team today to schedule your appointment.

Exceptional Chiropractic Care for Patients in Houston, TX

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers provide unmatched spine rehab services throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding area. Our holistic approach to chiropractic care addresses the causes of each patient’s pain and helps balance the relationship between one’s central nervous system and overall body functionality. In addition to our focus on patients’ spines, our chiropractic specialists treat hamstring soreness, tennis and golfer’s elbow, knee problems, and a wide assortment of aches and pains that originate from sports injuries or other muscle and joint ailments. Let us know about any chronic pain or nagging muscle and joint issues you are experiencing. Our team will work with you to alleviate your discomfort and help you return to normal activities.

We Provide Professional Pain Management

Our pain management approach includes medications that we inject for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We provide numbing medications for lower back pain as well as anti-inflammatory medication designed to provide long-term relief when administered to a targeted area. When used for therapeutic effects, injections can be repeated up to three times per year for continuing pain relief. Using injections for pain relief treatment is typically more effective and quicker than oral medications. At our locations in The Woodlands, Houston, and Midland we provide:

  • Joint injections                            • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • Trigger point injections                 • Facet joint injections
  • Sympathetic blocks                      • Discograms
  • Medial branch blocks                    • Percutaneous discectomy
  • Occipital nerve blocks                  • Spine stimulators
  • Epidural steroid injections            • Radiofrequency ablation

Physical Therapy at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers

Our medical professionals at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers use physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal and neurological injuries with the intent of improving overall function. The staff’s extensive experience in the field allows us to tailor physical therapy regimens to meet the individual needs of our patients, whether those include spine rehab, mobility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, or a range of other goals. We offer two primary styles of physical therapy:

  • Land therapy – Ideal for patients who need high-impact therapeutic activity, land therapy helps strengthen one’s body following an injury and provides overall health improvement. It involves a wide array of stabilization, coordination, and resistance activities, among other approaches.
  • Aquatics therapy – With similar goals in mind, aquatics therapy is better for individuals who require low stress on their joints and muscles. Our team can devise a physical therapy treatment plan comprising only water-based exercises.

The Smart Choice for Partnered Spine Surgery

Though it is a last resort, spinal correction surgery may be necessary if physical therapy, chiropractic care, and pain management techniques do not alleviate discomfort in one’s back. When our team of surgeons suggests surgery as the most sensible option, we detail the reasoning behind taking such a measure. If you require surgery, we will explain the type of surgical procedures we perform, which include:

  • Decompression surgery – A microdiscectomy or laminectomy is a minimally-invasive operation, which involves removing bone or disc material that is compressing one’s nerve root. Robots can perform this style of spinal correction surgery to decrease recovery time.
  • Cervical spinal fusion or lumbar spinal fusion – These styles of surgery immobilize pain-producing vertebral segments.

Comprehensive Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Houston, TX

Following spinal correction surgery, it is critical to seek a rehabilitation specialist that will facilitate a speedy, healthy recovery. The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers deliver effective rehabilitation through physical therapy and exercise. Central tenets of our approach to rehabilitation include controlling pain, improving strength and mobility, and preventing future injuries. We devise treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs to ensure complete spine rehab and recovery from surgery.

Sports Medicine Treatment for Athletes of All Ages

The physicians at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers in The Woodlands, Houston, and Midtown have expertise in treating and preventing sports-related injuries as well as chronic conditions. We effectively create sports medicine treatment programs to help alleviate pain, improve performance, and build strength and mobility. We base each approach on a patient’s physical exam and current performance level.

We Can Perform X-Rays to Aid with Diagnoses

While some injuries are easy to diagnose, some may require a closer examination. Each of The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers features state-of-the-art digital radiography technology that allows our experts to take x-rays of patients, aiding diagnoses. Digital radiography uses specialized equipment to transmit data from the x-ray machine to technological devices that produce higher-quality images than are possible using traditional x-rays. This technology allows us to identify any spinal issues or broken bones quickly and effectively.

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