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Lumbar Decompression Treatment in Houston & The Woodlands

Spinal Decompression is non-surgical treatment. In areas that are swollen, it will help relieve some of the tension off of the nerves. It actually helps re-educate muscles, ligaments, and tendons, which in turn makes a better disc environment. It is important to stay active because compression and decompression helps the discs stay naturally healthy. Simple activities like walking can help.

Your spine is made of vertebrate, disc, and nerves.

The vertebrate is bone and the disc contains a gel-like substance which keeps the vertebrate a part. When your disc is injured, it means the vertebrate will pinch the disc making the disc lie flat. Just like pancake batter spreading into another pancake while being poured onto the pan, the discs will run into each other when they flatten which causes a significant amount of pain. (This is just one of the many conditions helped by Spinal Decompression).

The forces of decompression work on the concept of gentle distraction therapy.

Gentle distraction therapy consists of compression and decompression of the disc. A membrane that stops fluids from moving in and out of the spinal column connects the vertebrae. This membrane allows fluids to enter the spinal column at a much slower rate than it allows them to leave. This helps to protect the integrity of the fluid inside the spinal column. During the decompression stage, a partial vacuum is formed that takes away the pressure between the vertebrate, which helps the disc go from its flattened state back to its normal state. When the decompression is released, the pressure with-in the spinal column equalizes at a faster rate leaving the body feeling relief from the disc. Through compression and decompression, the reason it can be a non-surgical procedure is because the tissue surrounding the disc can heal as blood flow and oxygen move to the injured area. The blood flow and oxygen send nutrition to the injured area allowing a faster recovery.


How is Spinal Decompression Different from Traction?

Traction is when something is pulling against a certain amount of force creating tension It stretches against the irritated ligaments and tendons. It puts a pulling load against the entire spine. It does not apply a different pulling load to each disc within the spine or only apply the pulling load to a specific target within the spine. It is also a constant decompression and the partial vacuum created in the spinal column is equalized in only about one minute. The rest of the time is only stretching the muscles, tendons and ligaments, many times to the patient’s distress. This can be a painful method, but it is worth it in the end with the relief that you will feel.

What To Expect During Your Appointment


This is a slow gentle process making the muscles and tendons respond positively to the treatment. Patients do not spasm with this treatment. It not only works the joint, but also works on the muscles and tendons. Motorized and computerized spinal decompression allows the ability to target the injured disc, creating better results than traction.


Patients report feeling content and happy during the appointment. Even though traction is happening, they do not feel any pulling or contraction. Some patients are so relaxed that they fall asleep during their treatment. After the treatment is complete, some patients feel the good feeling that comes from working out. When they rise up from the table, the pain is reduced because the body wasn’t being forced to do things it isn’t capable of doing. After one treatment patients experience relief and look forward to their treatments ahead.

In the past, patients did not get better with regular chiropractic treatment and were required to go for surgery. This treatment creates a new alternative for patients. It helps creates stabilization in the spine, allowing the patients to respond better to the benefits from other forms of treatment such as nutrition and spinal manipulation.


Most importantly, we want our patients to feel comfortable. Patients are treated fully clothed. Throughout the treatment patients are fitted into a pelvic harness that fits around the pelvis, as well as a thoracic harness, as they lie on their back on the table. The table is operated by a computerized console. The treatment is uniquely designed for each patient, based on the mechanics and the neurological feedback of each patient’s muscles and tendons, allowing each patient’s spine to respond to the treatment. Each treatment takes between 15 – 30 minutes. The average number of treatments, typically for each patient, range between 10 to 30 treatments, scheduled within a five to ten week period of time.


If you are not sure if this treatment is for you, no problem we offer consultation. Call and schedule right away for this exam. Our Doctor will give you a personalized evaluation of your spinal health with a recommendation on how to improve your condition. You will then have all the details to make a decision on your next step.

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