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Facet Syndrome Treatment in The Woodlands and Houston

If you are experiencing localized back pain near your spine during movement, you may have a condition known as facet syndrome. Facet syndrome is a condition characterized by the decay of the facet joints in the vertebrae of the spine. This can lead to serious pain and difficulties moving. Thankfully, many of the symptoms caused by facet syndrome can be mitigated if not stopped altogether by conservative treatments such as physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and facet joint injections. At The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we serve patients with these treatments in Greater Houston, TX.


Facet syndrome will usually consist of tenderness directly over the inflamed facet joints. In the low back, the pain can radiate into the buttocks but rarely goes past the upper back of the leg. Similarly in the neck, the pain can be local or in the shoulders or upper back, but rarely radiates down the arm. Facet pain can cause a decrease in mobility as a result of muscle guarding. Tilting your head or leaning backwards will usually produce more pain than leaning forward.


There are many conservative treatments for Facet Syndrome. We emphasize on therapeutic exercises and rehabilitative treatments for patients of all ages. We help our patients regain mobility and strengthen their bodies to live healthy and as pain free as possible long after their initial treatment.  Initial conservative treatments include:






In more advanced cases, conservative treatments fail to bring satisfactory results. Minimally invasive procedures, including facet joint injections or medial branch blocks, can be used as a diagnostic tool to alleviate pain. These treatments are safely performed using fluoroscopic X- ray assistance in an outpatient setting. If adequate pain relief isn’t achieved, further treatment options may be explored.


Regular chiropractic treatment (1 visit per month) is recommended for patients once their treatment plan is completed and symptoms have resolved or have become manageable. Due to various stresses on the body (exercise, sports, stress, over-use, gravity, etc.), the spine and joints will compress over time. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to help slow down the degenerative effects on the spine by restoring normal joint movement.

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