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Joint Injections in The Woodlands and Houston

Countless people across the country are suffering from joint pain. If you are dealing with joint pain daily, you may be interested in alternative methods for joint pain relief. That is when joint injections can be helpful. At Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we are proud to offer joint injections in The Woodlands and Houston as an option for joint pain relief. What do you need to know about injections for joints? How can they help you? Learn more below.

What Do Joint Injections Do?

A joint injection is designed to treat pain involving a specific joint. For example, if you are suffering pain in your hip joints from arthritis, then you may be interested in the hip joint injection. If the cartilage one in the church, you may be experiencing pain and inflammation. During a joint injection, a specific medication will be injected into the joint space to reduce inflammation. By reducing inflammation, you can better control your pain. Therefore, joint administration may provide long-term pain relief without requiring someone to undergo surgery.

When Are Joint Injections Recommended?

There are specific situations where a joint injections knee is recommended. If a doctor can identify exactly where your pain is coming from, then he or she may recommend a joint injection. If you are experiencing side effects from prescription medications, or if they are not working well for you, then your doctor may recommend a joint injection. Furthermore, if you are not ready to undergo surgery, then a knee joint injection may be a middle ground between oral medications and a surgical procedure. Therefore injections are commonly used to treat chronic pain.

What Can You Expect During a Joint Injection?

Doctor prepping injections for patient with joint problem.

If you are right for a joint injection, you should expect your doctor to explain the benefits and risks of the procedure to you. Of course, the main benefit is that a joint injection could provide long-lasting pain relief. Even though a skin infection is a risk with every injection, your doctor will use a sterile technique to minimize this risk.

During the procedure, the doctor will follow the needle as it enters the joint space. The doctor may inject a small amount of medication to make sure this is safe and effective for you. Then, along with the numbing medicine, the doctor will inject a steroid to reduce inflammation. This will help you improve the movement of your joint and provide long-term pain relief. It is Usually, fluoroscopy (which is a type of x-ray), is used to guide the needle into place. That way, the physician knows the needle is in the right place.

What Are the Benefits of Joint Injections?

There are several benefits of receiving a joint injection. These include:

  •  Joint injection provides long-lasting pain relief.
  •  Joint injections are safe and effective for the vast majority of patients.
  • Injection for joints may be able to help you avoid surgery.
  • During a joint injection, the doctor will receive live x-ray images, ensuring the needle goes to the right location. If your pain returns after several weeks or months, the doctor may be able to repeat the joint injection to provide more pain relief.

Because of these benefits, a joint injection has become a popular joint injection medication for joint pain.

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If you are looking for effective joint pain relief, we are here to help you. We are Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. We provide neuropathy, sports injury treatments, pain management, and physical therapy. Houston Spine is transparent with all of our reviews on Google. It would be our pleasure to work with you specifically, tailoring our joint injections in The Woodlands and Houston options to meet your needs. We only recommend surgery as a last resort. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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