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Comprehensive Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Houston & The Woodlands

Spine surgery is a major undertaking, and rehabilitation is an important part of helping patients get the most possible benefit from their surgery. When done properly, rehabilitation (physical therapy, exercise) can help patients recover from spine surgery as quickly and completely as possible. Here at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center we like to think of post-surgery rehabilitation as alignment and balance for your body. If you buy new tires for your car, they won’t last as long if they are not aligned and balanced and the new tires will be a waste of money. Your spine surgery is like new tires, and a physical therapist’s role is to do the alignment, balance, and engine tuning to make sure that the effects of the surgery are as positive as possible.

There are several ways that our physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists here at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center help our patients recover from spine surgery and return stronger than ever.

The Importance of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Spine surgery is both a delicate and intensive undertaking. After all, the spine is a complex mechanism that is responsible for a wide range of stability and movement-based functions — the slightest problem with it can spell major difficulties for any patient. Once surgery has been completed, it is vital to practice diligent rehabilitation to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body heal the way they are supposed to. Failure to adhere to proper recovery and rehabilitation practices can result in improper healing and can lead to unwanted complications down the road. Below, we’ll discuss some of the biggest benefits of the intensive post-surgery rehabilitation programs we offer here at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center. We’ll also give you information on the programs and procedures themselves so you can get a better idea of what each looks like in practice.


Controlling pain is an important first step in allowing patients to regain their strength, as it is very difficult to complete a rehabilitation program if one is in a great deal of pain. Our physical therapists are trained to help manage pain following back surgery and provide you with a number of exercises and stretches you can do to mitigate pain. We also offer heat/ice treatment, electrical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drug prescriptions as needed.


Once pain levels are sufficiently under control, it’s important to work up to a slightly more intensive physical therapy regimen designed to build both strength and flexibility in the back and surrounding regions. Increased strength and flexibility will allow your spine to heal properly and will provide it with increased mobility and support so you can do the activities you love down the road.


In tandem with strength and flexibility-building, we also gear our rehabilitative treatments with an eye towards future injury prevention. Our physical therapists help you build strength and mobility so that you can exercise and do everyday activities without working about getting injured. We’ll also provide you with a host of tips for how to correct your posture, lift, and exercise correctly to keep your back and body strong day in and day out.

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