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The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers provides a unique soft tissue treatment for patients at our Woodlands location. Our providers are expertly trained to assess, treat, and remedy pain associated with myriad common injuries and conditions. This often allows patients to safely return to regular activity after about three treatments. Houston Spine and Rehab's quality-care approach, which includes a full hour of one-on-one time with patients during every visit, results in an accurate diagnosis and treatment that can remarkably reduce your costs and recovery time. You will notice a dramatic improvement following your first visit!

What to Expect During Your Visit


Your healthcare provider will complete a thorough clinical evaluation to discover the underlying cause of your pain or injury. The assessment will comprise a series of orthopedic, range of motion, and functional tests, with less than 3% of our patients being referred for MRI or X-Ray imaging. We will help highlight your progress and improvement by performing functional testing after treatment during every visit.


Your provider will utilize a hands-on approach for your soft tissue and joint mobilization treatment at our location in The Woodlands. Each healthcare partner will use skilled manual and physical techniques to catalyze changes in the soft tissues – such as muscles, connective tissue, and joint structures – that should improve your strength, function, and range of motion.


We care about your progress following your visit and want to continually assist you. When appropriate and beneficial, your provider will prescribe a customized program featuring stretches and exercises to expedite the recovery process and safeguard against future injuries. Furthermore, we will provide additional instruction for self-care at home between visits.


Your provider will educate you on your diagnosis and treatment options, clearly communicating reasonable expectations for the resolution of your injury, measurable progress made during each visit, and your timeline for return to work or normal activity.


Providers at the Houston Spine and Rehab are required to obtain outcome measurements during every patient visit. Patient feedback is essential to ensuring their outcome-based care is both effective and efficient. Treatment planning is prescribed solely on an outcome basis, not by benefit design or allowable visits.

Start Living Pain-Free Today

Schedule an appointment with our providers at our office in The Woodlands today. Our safe, non-invasive techniques will resolve your pain at its source, resulting in immediate and long-lasting results. We will devise a treatment plan tailor-made for your specific ailment to help you rapidly recover from injuries, aches, or pains and return to the physical activities that you love. We have appointments available from 8 am until 5:30 pm from Monday through Thursday and 8 am through 3 pm on Fridays. We will happily accommodate your calendar. Call to let us know what works best, and we will promptly schedule your first visit!

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