Exploring Types of Physical Therapy

Are you scheduled to begin physical therapy as part of your chiropractic or sports medicine treatment? It is a good idea to learn about what to expect from physical therapy before you begin. This article can help you understand some of the most common forms of this treatment.

Patient Education

When undergoing physical therapy for the first time, it surprises many people to learn how big of a role that education plays in this treatment option. In almost every case, patient education and training in areas like avoiding injury, protecting joints, performing daily tasks safely, making home environments safer, using assistive devices, and performing exercises is included in a patient’s physical therapy treatment plan.

Manual Therapy

Treatments that are performed primarily with the hands are generally referred to as manual therapies. When used, the goals of manual therapy are to decrease pain, promote relaxation, and increase flexibility. Massage is an example of manual therapy in which pressure is applied to the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. This pressure can promote circulation, relaxation, and pain relief. Another example is mobilization, which involves the use of slow movements to pull, twist, or push bones and joints into healthier positions. Lastly, your physical therapist may use manipulation during your manual therapy treatment, which involves using hands or a special device to apply pressure to a joint using careful and measured force.

Other Treatments

Some of the other modalities that your physical therapist may employ to improve your condition include hot and cold application, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and electrical stimulation. Also, some physical therapists are trained to provide treatments besides those already mentioned. These specialized areas can include wound care, pelvic health, vestibular rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, and oncology.

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