Finding Relief from Painful Neuropathy

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Neuropathy describes nerve damage caused by other conditions. When this type of injury occurs in the nerves of your limbs, it’s referred to as peripheral neuropathy. This damage can lead to sensations of pain, numbness, and weakness in the affected areas of the body. Your neuropathy treatment may involve addressing underlying causes, in addition to physical therapy, medication, or surgery.

Identifying Causes with Diagnoses

Neuropathy is a condition that can result from a wide range of sources. Part of treating your symptoms is diagnosing and addressing the underlying condition that’s triggering your symptoms. This can include alcoholism, diabetes, infections, medications, and tumors. Autoimmune diseases, poison exposure, inherited disorders, bone marrow disorders, and vitamin deficiencies are also potential culprits. Finally, trauma from accidents and injuries can sever or damage your nerves.

Relieving Discomfort with Therapy

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Patients can sometimes find relief from their neuropathy symptoms through physical therapy. Through treatments and exercises, your physical therapist may be able to help you improve your range of motion, relieve pressure on nerves, and strengthen weakened muscles. Additionally, your physical therapist may advise the use of a cane, wheelchair, walker, foot brace, or hand brace. Other therapies that may help with neuropathic symptoms include acupuncture, WaveTherapy™, and Newlife Protocol™ treatment.

Addressing Causes with Surgery

In some cases, the pain caused by neuropathy is due to pressure. When something is pressing on a nerve, such as a tumor, this compression can result in neuropathy symptoms. If this is determined to be the cause of your pain, your doctor may recommend surgical treatment to relieve the cause.

Managing Symptoms with Medication

In addition to medications that are prescribed to address an underlying cause of your neuropathy, your doctor may recommend medications to help you control the pain. Additionally, some anti-seizure medications, antidepressants, and topical treatments may help with your neuropathy symptoms.

Dr. Mark Yezak
Mark Yezak, BS, DC, is the founder, chiropractic director, and chief of staff at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. Offering 25 years of experience. Dr. Yezak is a published author of research papers, books, and journal entries. He is undoubtedly a leader in his field.
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