How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Overall Health

Did you know that while chiropractic care can rid you of pain and enhance your mobility, it also provides other physical and mental benefits that support your total well-being? In other words, while chiropractors can and do address painful health problems, they can also help you reach and maintain a disease-free state. 

The expert and compassionate team at Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers, with offices in The Woodlands, Houston, and Sugar Land, Texas, often likens chiropractic care to the soundness that a solid foundation provides a building. Your chiropractic care is the baseline that serves as the beginning of our care journey, but that’s not to say your treatment is anything but completely designed to fit your unique medical history and needs. 

Got chiropractic treatment? 

Our chiropractic team’s chief goal is to find the root cause of your pain, and if you come to us suffering no pain, we aim to keep it that way. 

We firmly believe that chiropractic care strengthens your overall health outlook a thousandfold! As clinicians, we offer diverse services that include finely tuned spinal manipulation and targeted adjustments to provide:

Some of the items on this list may surprise you if you always believed chiropractic care to be directed at specific injuries as opposed to systemic problems. The great news is that chiropractic clinicians can do even more than provide pain relief. 

Lesser known ways a chiropractor can help you

Our hands-on treatments correct your musculoskeletal alignment issues, which in turn affect so much more, from your mood to your ability to fight off infection. 

Since our treatments alter your nervous system, on which every other body system is dependent, they can strengthen your immune system, making you less vulnerable to colds and flu — particularly great to know as we gear up for the coming winter. 

Your spine and emotional health are quite connected too. Because your spine is the heart of your nervous system, our care can make a difference in how your body reacts to stress, which bombards you daily in the form of urgent work deadlines and family matters to that endless to-do list. 

The nerve impulses that run from your brain through your body can raise your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, as well. Chiropractic treatment can lower those levels and help you feel less anxious. 

Our patients also appreciate that we routinely provide advice on self-care habits you can adopt to benefit your musculoskeletal system and your health, from being mindful of good posture to a workspace setup that supports proper ergonomics. 

A finely tuned instrument

Our chiropractic care team is able to bring your body to a state of wellness that’s characterized by ease of movement, relief from pain, a heightened resistance to illness, and improved emotional stability — the true pillars of health. 

The work we do also prepares your body to optimally receive physical therapy and other treatment modalities that aid in recovery from illness and injury. 

Look into chiropractic care

Our motto continues to be “We’ve got your back!” We’re eager to work with you, so set up an appointment by calling our office that’s most convenient for you.

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