The Long-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care

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Patients often visit a chiropractor for acute back or neck pain relief, but chiropractors can actually work with patients with all sorts of medical complaints. Similarly, chiropractic care isn’t just for short-term relief. By working with a chiropractor on an ongoing basis, you can reap the long-term benefits of chiropractic care.

Improved Posture

Slumping over in your chair occasionally is not likely going to have significant consequences. Unfortunately, many people maintain improper posture on a regular basis, sometimes without even realizing it. Over time, poor posture can have more health consequences than you might think. For starters, it can contribute to degenerative disc disease of the cervical region of the spine. It may even contribute to headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and carpal tunnel syndrome. After receiving a chiropractic adjustment, you’re likely to find that it’s much easier to maintain proper posture. Your chiropractor can also evaluate your posture and offer some tips on improving it.

Reduced Risk of Recurrent Injuries

Many people turn to chiropractic care for rehabilitation from an injury such as a sports injury or a fall. Often, they decide to continue to receive chiropractic care long after the injury has healed simply because of its effect on overall wellness. Chiropractic care can help athletes and others reduce their risk of sustaining injuries in the future, such as by improving posture, mobility, and balance.

Stronger Immune System

Did you know that research indicates a link between regular chiropractic care and a stronger immune system? The approach of chiropractic care is to eliminate problems such as nerve impingement. In doing so, chiropractic supports the body’s ability to heal itself.

Here at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center, it’s our mission to help our patients live life well. Our chiropractors serving The Woodlands work with patients with all sorts of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from acute problems like sports injuries to chronic conditions like arthritis.

Dr. Mark Yezak
Mark Yezak, BS, DC, is the founder, chiropractic director, and chief of staff at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. Offering 25 years of experience. Dr. Yezak is a published author of research papers, books, and journal entries. He is undoubtedly a leader in his field.
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