Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most frustrating conditions anyone can live with, not least because it can be difficult to explain your symptoms to a doctor. After all, pain is a subjective thing that only you can feel, and the degree of your pain can’t be measured. That’s why it’s important to know how to talk to your physician about your chronic pain. Here are some tips:

Keep a pain journal.

Before your next appointment, start keeping a journal in which you note the times that you experience physical pain. Note the time of day, the intensity of the pain, and where you are feeling the pain. You should also note any related details, such as how much sleep you get each day. The more complete your journal is, the more useful it will be in explaining your chronic pain to your physician.

Make a list of questions.

It’s also smart to write up a list of all the questions you want answered before you see your physician. Are there any medical tests that might help determine the cause of your pain? Is your pain potentially related to your diet? Are there treatments that might relieve your symptoms? You won’t know unless you ask—and you probably won’t remember to ask all these questions unless you write them down.

Remember to be patient.

It can be tempting to feel frustrated when you’re trying to explain your chronic pain symptoms to somebody else. It’s more productive, however, to try to be specific and clear in your explanations. Remember that your physician is on your side, and that keeping a positive attitude can only be helpful in finding an effective solution to your problem.

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