What You Can Expect from Physical Therapy

Have you been advised to see a physical therapist? If so, then it is likely because you could benefit from physical rehabilitation in some way. If you are beginning a physical therapy program, then there are several things that you can expect from the process.

Physical Therapy

When you first see your physical therapist, she will start by assessing your joint motion, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, and your ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Following this evaluation, she will develop a physical therapy treatment plan based on your personal needs that includes therapies, activities, and exercises that are within your comfort zone and designed to achieve your rehabilitation goals.

Aquatic Therapy

Have you ever noticed how lightweight your body feels when you’re in water? Because water is buoyant, it can provide support for your body and take pressure off of sore, weak, and tender areas. For this reason, physical therapists sometimes incorporate aquatic therapy into a patient’s treatment plan. Using a water environment that is safe and controlled, your physical therapist will lead you through activities and exercises based on your specific needs, such as range of motion exercises, core strengthening, agility training, and conditioning exercises. Frequently, aquatic therapy is employed to help individuals following joint replacements, orthopedic surgeries, or musculoskeletal injuries.

Land Therapy

Land-based physical therapy refers to therapeutic interventions that your physical therapist may use that are not performed in water. These therapies are designed to increase your cardiovascular capabilities, strength, and overall endurance and can include dynamic stabilization and progressive resistance activities, as well as isokinetic, aerobic, and strengthening exercises. Land-based physical therapy can help patients restore and increase their range of motion, coordination, and ability to perform self-care activities. Individuals can also experience decreased stress, inflammation, and pain, as well as improved healing and mobility.

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