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The Woodlands and Houston Hand Pain Treatments

At Houston Spine and Rehab, we offer hand pain treatment using chiropractic care, neuropathy, and sports medicine. Primarily, we provide pain relief but also treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Find out more about how we use physical therapy as part of our multidisciplinary practice to assist with pain relief and rehabilitation. We will help you get the most mobility and least amount of pain with the use of non-invasive and non-surgical methods.

Causes of Hand Pain

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The primary causes of hand pain are overuse, injury, and chronic disease. For many, hand pain occurs with too much use or exertion, such as when working or playing a sport. You can also have chronic hand pain due to an auto injury or workplace injury. Chronic diseases including fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis are associated with hand pain. Nerve pain due to incorrectly positioned muscle tissue or inflammation can lead to hand pain as well.

Hand pain can be due to rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder, as well as due to poor posture. For someone who has scoliosis, for example, may experience tingling and numbness in the fingers as a result of pressure on the nerve endings in the spine. You can also have a herniated disc or slipped disc that could be the cause of hand pain. We offer neuropathy and posture correction services for the successful treatment of these medical conditions.

Most Common Hand Pain Symptoms

Hand pain symptoms can include swelling, redness, tingling, stiffness in the joints, or nerve pain. These are related to the muscle tissue and nerve fibers that operate the hand. Whenever you have damage or stress to the hand, you can experience symptoms of hand pain. It is a good idea to visit a Houston, TX chiropractor for a chiropractic diagnosis and adjustment.

Seeing a Chiropractor for Natural Relief

When you are tired of dealing with hand pain, it is more than the right time to see a Houston chiropractor. We can provide a medical evaluation that is non-invasive using digital x-rays for an optimally precise diagnosis. From there, we are able to provide a wide array of chiropractic treatments for many conditions and symptoms. These procedures can also include pain management injections of epidural steroids as needed.

If your hand or wrist is red and swollen showing signs of inflammation, you need to see a chiropractor in Houston. You also want to visit the chiropractor if you cannot move your wrist or fingers due to poor blood circulation. We offer a comprehensive exam to determine the cause of hand pain.

Treatment for Hand Pain in Houston & The Woodlands

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This means it is time to treat hand pain like carpal tunnel or other nerve-related conditions that can be detrimental to your mobility. The carpal tunnel is caused by constant pressure against the carpal nerve running through the fingers up through the arm. Chiropractic adjustments will help to reduce swelling in the muscle tissue.

This procedure will also realign the spinal column and reduce pinching on the nerve endings of the spine. The entire process should be repeated for more than one session to fully help the body realign and adjust itself.

Over the course of multiple chiropractic treatments, your posture will also improve and you will gain invaluable information regarding lifestyle changes like exercise and nutritional plans. This will further benefit your overall health and keep you on a fast track toward no hand pain.

Choose a Chiropractor Today for Your Hand Pain

Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers are here to serve your health needs with comprehensive chiropractic care. You can start your non-invasive, medically approved hand pain relief and injury treatment right away. Contact our office online or schedule an appointment in The Woodlands by calling 281-362-0006 for hand pain treatment in TX.

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