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Post Surgical Pain Treatment Specialist in The Woodlands and Houston

Persistent post-surgical pain is a common problem that affects about 450,000 Americans at any given time. Left untreated, post-surgical pain can prevent you from going to work, staying physically active, or participating in your favorite activities. The team of chiropractors and pain management experts at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, with three convenient locations in Houston and The Woodlands specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of post-surgical pain. If you’re suffering, don’t wait to seek treatment. Request your consultation today by calling the office nearest you or by clicking the online scheduling tool.

Post Surgical Pain Q & A

What is post-surgical pain?

Post-surgical pain is a common side effect many people experience following surgery. No matter the type of surgery you undergo, it takes a significant toll on your body.

Many people experience pain at the site of the incision, throat pain associated with general anesthesia, and pain caused by their unique placement and/or positioning on the surgical table.

Most post-surgical pain subsides on its own with rest and recuperation, but some post-surgical pain lasts for weeks or months and can negatively affect your quality of life.

How is post-surgical pain treated?

The caring providers at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers usually recommend post-surgery rehabilitation to treat post-surgical pain. There are several different types of post-surgery rehabilitation, including:

Pain control

If you’re in a great deal of post-surgical pain, participating in physical therapy isn’t easy.

The physical therapists at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers use a range of exercises and stretches designed to mitigate pain and discomfort. The team also offers ice and heat therapy, electrical therapy, and anti-inflammatory prescription medications as necessary.

Strength and mobility

Once your pain levels are under control, your physical therapist develops a more intensive physical therapy regimen. This program increases strength and flexibility in your back, joints, and muscles. Increased strength and flexibility encourage circulation and your body’s natural healing process, so you can return to the activities you love.

Injury prevention

The third and final step in post-surgical pain treatment is injury prevention. This part of the program uses custom exercises and stretches to help you return to work and other daily activities without risk of further pain or problems. Your physical therapist also provides insights on correct posture, proper lifting, and safe exercises.

Am I a good candidate for post-surgery rehab?

If you’ve recently undergone orthopedic surgery, or you’re preparing to, post-surgery rehab is an excellent treatment option. In addition to limiting post-surgical pain and discomfort, post-surgery rehab can get you back on your feet much quicker than rest or immobilization.

Don’t let post-surgical pain keep you from participating in activities you love. Request your consultation at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers today by calling the office nearest you or clicking the online scheduling tool.

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