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Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers Accepts Amerigroup Health Insurance

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Having strong insurance coverage is an important part of protecting your health, and that includes chiropractic insurance coverage. Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers is an Amerigroup chiropractor offering pain management and other support, so you can use your healthcare coverage for the treatment you need.

We provide a number of services in the Houston, Texas area, including:

  • Car Accident Treatment
  • Prenatal Chiropractic
  • Lumbar Decompression
  • Pediatric Chiropractic

Working with trusted chiropractic professionals that take your insurance can help you get the treatment you need more easily. That not only reduces pain and helps increase range of motion, but it can also provide you with additional peace of mind.

Amerigroup Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

Amerigroup Insurance is the largest US provider of healthcare for public programs like Medicare and Medicaid and covers 7.7 million people. It has been operating since 1994 and offers various types of coverage, including chiropractor coverage in the Houston area for some patients.

Chiropractor doing some chiropractic adjustment to the patient.

The insurance company serves the majority of states and is a big part of the Medicare Advantage plan offerings provided, as well. Amerigroup has been through updates, adjustments, and rebranding throughout its history, but has continued to provide insurance services to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Having chiropractic and pain management insurance coverage has several benefits, as chiropractic care is a very valuable way to alleviate pain and increase range of motion. Working with a chiropractor can provide relief from the discomfort that comes with car accidents, sports injuries, and chronic conditions.

Additionally, many chiropractors offer physical therapy, cold laser therapy, joint injections, and other services that can be used in conjunction with spinal manipulation to provide higher levels of health and wellness for patients in their care. Being able to receive those treatments often depends on a patient's level and type of insurance coverage.

Amerigroup Physical Therapy Insurance Coverage

In addition to providing coverage for chiropractic care and pain management, Amerigroup also offers physical therapy insurance. The benefits of physical therapy insurance in the Houston, Texas area include moving more freely and reducing pain.

Physiotherapist helping a senior patient with his physical therapy treatment.

That allows many people to go back to work, get involved with hobbies again, and handle activities of daily living, so they can care for themselves and their families. Some chronic conditions can benefit from physical therapy to keep joints moving more easily.

If you've been injured in any type of accident, physical therapy can also be an important part of your recovery. It can help patients move their bodies more frequently, and relearn range-of-motion abilities that they need for walking, reaching, and other activities that might be more difficult after an accident.

Insurance Coverage Limitations

As with any insurance provider, Amerigroup has some specific limitations on the type of coverage provided. Coverage may be different from customer to customer and state to state. It's best to call for verification and information on your specific coverage.

When you work with a chiropractor who takes Amerigroup insurance, you can get important information on what kinds of services will be covered under your specific policy. That helps your chiropractor come up with a treatment plan that works for you, and that also meets the requirements set out by your insurance provider.

Choosing a Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Doctor with Amerigroup Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center.

Amerigroup Health Insurance may be able to help you with payment options for the cost of chiropractic care and other rehabilitation services. As an Amerigroup chiropractor, Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers provide services that are covered by many Amerigroup insurance plans.

Ready to find out how you can get the chiropractic care you need today? Call Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers at 713-652-4052 to get information on how we can help, and to learn about your deductible and coverage information through Amerigroup. Understanding the chiropractor coverage you have is an important aspect of treatment, and we are here to help.

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