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Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers Accepts Humana Health Insurance

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At Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we offer comprehensive chiropractic care to our patients. From pain management to adjustments, we provide convenient care in Houston, TX. 

Of course, our clients may be wondering if their insurance provides coverage at our clinic. There are many reasons to look for chiropractor insurance in Houston, and getting coverage for our services is one of them. For example, Humana chiropractor insurance helps cover a portion or all of your care ranging from pain management to physical therapy. 

We are happy to share that we accept Humana chiropractor coverage, so you can get the treatment you need at a more affordable rate. With Humana, our patients save hundreds, if not thousands, on the treatments they need to feel their healthiest. 

Humana Chiropractor Insurance Coverage in Houston, TX

Humana health insurance is a common household name thanks to its prominence in the United States.

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Humana health insurance has been a commonly used type of insurance coverage since 1961. It believes in offering equitable access to the tools and support needed to live as healthily as possible. 

Humana was started by two men, H. Wendell Cherry and David A. Jones, Sr. They originally started the company as a nursing home called Extendicare, but in 1974 its name was officially changed to Humana. It wasn't until 1983 that Humana created its first health insurance plan. Since then, the company has focused specifically on health insurance coverage and offering group, Medicare, health, and supplemental plans. 

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There are several benefits of having Humana chiropractic and pain management insurance coverage. Without coverage, the average cost of chiropractic treatment can be anywhere from $30 to $100, while those with insurance pay much less or nothing at all.

When additional services come into play, like physical therapy or pain management, X-ray services, or massage, the costs can be astronomical. Fortunately, Humana offers coverage for chiropractic services (the coverage will vary based on each individual's policy.)

Humana Physical Therapy Insurance Coverage

The benefits of physical therapy insurance coverage can't be overlooked. After surgery or an injury, individuals may need at least an hour of physical therapy around twice per week. Without coverage, it's easy to rack up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expenses very quickly.

Physiotherapist Helping Patient While Stretching His Leg.

Fortunately, having physical therapy insurance coverage means individuals pay a limited amount for services. The exact cost per service depends on the policy, but it is typically less than paying out-of-pocket rates. 

Humana offers physical therapy insurance, but the exact coverage varies by plan. For example, with Humana's Medicare coverage, some or all of the medically necessary services and doctor's services will be covered by the insurer. Again, the exact amount of coverage will depend on the plan and your eligibility for treatment.

Insurance Coverage Limitations

Humana health insurance coverage will be different from one customer to the next as they may have different policies. Call Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers to discuss physical therapy insurance, chiropractor coverage, and pain management insurance, and get verification of any insurance policy's coverage before your first appointment.  

Choosing a Chiropractor and Physical Therapist with Humana Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

Humana chiropractor insurance can help cover the cost of seeing a chiropractor or going through other rehabilitation services provided by our team at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. 

Call our office directly to speak with our team about your deductibles and insurance coverage. 

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