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Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers Accepts Molina Healthcare Insurance

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Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers is now accepting Molina Health Insurance. Health insurance can help you afford chiropractic care by reducing the amount of money you have to pay for each visit. Some plans even offer a certain number of free or low-cost visits each year that can help you get the treatment you need to manage pain or recover from an injury without causing you financial distress. Care received during each visit with our Molina Healthcare chiropractor may include chiropractic adjustments, pain management, physical therapy, dry needling, cold laser therapy, sports medicine, or aqua therapy as well as other services. If you’re not sure if a certain treatment is covered by your insurance, our healthcare professionals can determine if it’s covered before your appointment.

Molina Healthcare Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

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Molina Healthcare boasts more than 5.1 million members and has been offering health insurance plans for more than 40 years. Molina primarily offers Medicaid and Medicare healthcare services, and it offers plans through the Texas state insurance marketplace. They pride themselves on their dedication to integrity, accountability, teamwork, and honest and open communication policies.

Molina offers several different types of health insurance plans with different deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and copays. These plans also offer access to chiropractic treatments under some circumstances. When you choose a health insurance plan that offers chiropractic care and pain management services, you’ll get access to non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment options that can help you get the pain management and physical therapy you need to heal and improve the quality of your life. Here at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers, we offer chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, dry needling, cold laser therapy, aquatic therapy, nerve blocks, and joint injections as well as other treatments.

Molina Healthcare Physical Therapy Insurance Coverage

Injuries to the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons can result in muscle weakness, pain, loss of range of motion, and imbalances in the body. Physical therapy from a chiropractor can help you regain strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, which can improve your quality of life. Physical therapy can also decrease your recovery time, improve the outcome and help you reduce your risk of experiencing a future injury.

Insurance Coverage Limitations

Physiotherapist helping a senior patient with his physical therapy treatment.

The exact services covered by your Molina insurance policy will vary according to your insurance plan. For most plans, a certain number of Molina Healthcare chiropractor visits are covered each year for rehabilitation purposes. If you’re unsure as to what types of chiropractic care your Molina health insurance plan covers, it’s best to read your policy or talk with a Molina customer service representative who can answer your questions. Additionally, if you’re not sure if our services at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers are covered by your Molina health insurance plan, please call us. We can take your insurance information and verify your coverage.

Choosing a Chiropractor and Physical Therapy Doctor with Molina Healthcare Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

When you need a Molina Healthcare chiropractor, check us out at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. We accept Molina Healthcare plans that offer chiropractor coverage and physical therapy insurance. By getting treatment at our Houston, TC chiropractic center, you are helping your body heal by utilizing non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments. If you’re not sure if we accept your Molina health insurance plan or if your plan covers chiropractic care, please call us at 713-652-4052. We can verify your insurance to determine if chiropractic care, pain management, and physical therapy are covered.

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