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The Woodlands and Houston

Rehabilitative Spine Surgery

If you have tried everything to relieve your back pain to no avail, it may be time to consider surgery. Spine surgery is performed to alter the structure of the spine in localized areas and restore it to proper structure and functionality. Here at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center, our staff of spine surgeons proudly performs a number of spine surgeries for patients of all ages in the Houston, TX area. You can read more about our practice and our procedures below.


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Spine Surgery

The Next Step

When it comes to injuries and conditions involving the spine, sometimes surgery the only route to relief. Conservative treatments reduce the symptoms in a majority of patients to a manageable level, but sometimes these measures are not able to eliminate back pain for all patients. Conservative treatment can and should include chiropractic care to open the disc space and mobilize the joints, physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the back and body, injections, when necessary, to assist in decreasing the inflammation of the nerves, and traction, when necessary, to distract the spine to allow more room for the disc. When these conservative measures are taken and do not produce adequate relief, spine surgery is the next step.

In cases of severe injury or chronic debilitation, spine surgery is often the only means for achieving lasting alignment and relief. Here at The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we take great care in providing our patients with all resources available before undertaking any kind of surgery. If surgery is the chosen route of treatment, our highly-trained spine surgeons offer several cutting-edge procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries and robotic surgeries for qualified patients. Read on to learn more about our available surgical procedures.

Spine Surgery

Surgical Procedures

If the field of spine surgery, there are several surgical procedures that can be performed depending on the type of injury or chronic condition in question. Below is a brief outline of the most common surgicial procedures performed on the spine.

Decompression Surgery
(Microdiscectomy and Laminectomy) –
Decompression is a minimally-invasive spine surgery that consists of removing a portion of bone or disc material that is compressing the nerve root to allow room and the nerve to heal. Robotic spine surgery is now available in order to decrease recovery time.

Cervical Spinal Fusion or Lumbar Spinal Fusion –
Fusion surgery immobilizes the vertebral segment that is producing pain due to mechanical condition most commonly caused by degenerative disc disease or a severe spondylolisthesis.

The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center

The Smart Choice for Your Spine

Choosing to undergo spine surgery is a big decision. You want to be sure that you are working with a team you can count on to bring you results. At The Houston Spine and Rehabilitation Center, our spine surgeons each have decades of experience performing intensive spine surgery on a wide range of patients. We emphasize minimally-invasive measures and conservative surgical work to help ensure results that will improve your condition, not worsen it. With hundreds of successful spine surgeries performed on patients across the region, we are Texas’s top choice for minimally-invasive spine surgery.

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