Arthritis Treatment



Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is notably the most common of disabling diseases known to man. Most people are familiar with the term. At least ten percent of the world population experiences experience arthritis with thirteen million people in the U.S. alone. People who suffer from this disease have to limit what they can and can’t do. 750,000 people become so handicapped by this disease that they can’t leave their homes.





Rheumatoid Arthritis comes earlier in life, usually before 45 and deforms the bones and joints through inflammation caused by items found in the bloodstream. Osteoarthritis comes later in life, usually after 45. This is the common arthritis that you normally hear about and stems from natural life. Life has activity and this can take a toll on the joints causing arthritis. Both forms of arthritis cause inflammation of the joints and tendons which can cause people to suffer from severe pain.
Spinal osteoarthritis can also be diagnosed in the form of Osteophytes, which can cause injury with discs, and be a part of degenerative disc disease.


Those who suffer from arthritis might feel stiff when walking and feel their lower limbs begin to become stiff as well. Mild aches and pains that don’t have rhyme or reason may occur. Redness and inflammation is also a sign you may notice. Mild fatigue, loss of grip strength in the hands, and other muscle weakness are common signs of arthritis.


What It Feels Like

Stiffness in the legs, feet, hands, knees, elbows

Trouble using feet and balancing

Fingers feel swollen, unable to make a fist

Difficulty sitting for long hours

Not able to kneel or squat

Pain moving or lifting the limbs

Difficulty using hands to operate scissors, pens, etc.

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