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Get the Trusculpt® Procedure by CUTERA® in Houston, TX

Three-out-of-five women and a growing percentage of men are unhappy with their bodies. This is why the Trusculpt® procedure by CUTERA® gives Houston, TX residents an edge in achieving their perfect body. The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers know the dedication you must have to maintain a healthy diet and vigorous exercise routine for fitness and wellbeing. However, those stubborn problem areas like cellulite won’t seem to budge, no matter how many miles you run and how little sugar you ingest. With Trusculpt®, Houston-area residents who lead healthy lifestyles have a solution to smooth away the lumps and dimples of seemingly immovable problem areas. Thanks to this procedure from CUTERA®, Houston can get rid of their muffin tops, bra-line bulge, and cellulite in just a season of treatments.


Mark C. Yezak, BS, DC; Reid Amedee, BS, DC; Brett Baer, PT, DPT; Robert Williams, BS, MEDHouston Spine and Rehabilitation Centers

truSculpt flex Effect of BEMS on Chronic Lower-Back Pain Abstract.pdf

truSculpt flex Muscle Hypertrophy Whitepaper.pdf

truSculpt flex Effect of BEMS on Chronic Lower-Back Pain Abstract.pdf

truSculpt flex Safety and Efficacy Whitepaper

Information About the Trusculpt® Procedure

The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers want to keep you informed about the treatments we offer at our locations. Trusculpt® by CUTERA® offers Houston a nonsurgical, energy-based procedure that delivers controlled doses of therapeutic heat to the subcutaneous tissue layer to firm and smooth out tissue. Results can vary from patient to patient, but some see results after only four weeks, while optimal results are typically seen at the end of 12 weeks. For more information about the procedure and what to expect during and after your sessions, please read the following:

  • The procedure requires two to four treatment sessions with four to six weeks between each to get the most optimal results.
  • The amount of pain during treatment will vary from person to person, but most patients receiving Trusculpt® treatment experience it as therapeutic and comfortable.
  • There is no downtime after receiving Trusculpt® treatment so that you can continue your daily routine and activities immediately after your session.
  • The ideal candidates for the Trusculpt® are men and women living healthy lifestyles. It’s an alternative treatment that firms and smoothes those stubborn problem areas that no amount of dietary restrictions or intense cardio can seem to eliminate.

Get Your Best Body in Just a Season

With the amazing results of CUTERA’s nonsurgical procedure, Trusculpt®, Houston, TX men and women can finally resolve their persistent cellulite and problem areas. The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers will help you say goodbye oversized shirts and hello to slim-cut tops and bikinis. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and discuss whether Trusculpt® by CUTERA® is right for you.

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