Breaking Down Myths About Chiropractic Care for Headaches


If you suffer from frequent headaches, you might be surprised to learn that a chiropractor could hold the key to headache relief. Although most people think of back pain treatments when they think of chiropractors, in reality, they treat many other conditions successfully, including chronic headaches. Are myths about chiropractic care for headaches keeping you from finding the relief you need? Here is the truth behind some common misconceptions about chiropractors and headache relief.

Chiropractors aren’t experienced in treating headaches

Chiropractors actually treat headaches on a regular basis. According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 14% of patients who visit a chiropractor do so because they need headache treatments. Chiropractors have successfully helped patients deal with tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches, even in in patients who haven’t found relief from other remedies.

A chiropractor can’t help me more than headache medications can


Headache medications don’t actually treat headaches; they simply mask the symptoms. When you have chronic headaches and take headache medication regularly, you will build up a tolerance to it and need more and more to get any relief at all. You can also trigger a cycle of rebound pain in which your headache returns worse than ever when your pain medication wears off. Additionally, pain medications can have dangerous side effects, whether they are over-the-counter or prescription. If your doctor prescribes opioids for your headaches, you would become dependent on them. Chiropractors treat the root cause of your headaches, as well as the symptoms, so you can get long-term relief without the risks associated with medications.

Once I start chiropractic care, I will need to go forever

Many patients choose to have chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis because they feel healthier when they do so, but headache relief doesn’t require indefinite treatment. Your chiropractor will review a treatment plan with you that is tailored to your needs and preferences, including the number of sessions required to control your headaches.

Don’t let headache pain control your life.

Dr. Mark Yezak
Mark Yezak, BS, DC, is the founder, chiropractic director, and chief of staff at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers. Offering 25 years of experience. Dr. Yezak is a published author of research papers, books, and journal entries. He is undoubtedly a leader in his field.
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