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The Importance of Getting Exercise When You Have Arthritis and Some Great Ways to Get It

Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in the United States — around 55 million Americans have some form of the disease. Whether you have osteoarthritis, the degenerative type of the disease rheumatoid arthritis, or a different kind of the condition, you live with stiff, swollen, painful joints that most likely interfere with your mobility. You might think […]

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What Are The Signs Of Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis refers to inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a tissue that runs from the toes to the heel bone. In physical therapy, plantar fascia pain is a commonly treated problem and among the most frequent causes of heel pain. If you’re wondering if your symptoms are consistent with plantar fasciitis, then keep […]

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Understanding Spondylolisthesis

Physical therapy is a commonly prescribed treatment for back discomfort. One potential cause of lower back pain is spondylolisthesis. Watch this video to learn more about this condition. The bones of your spine, which are called vertebrae, can develop defects or suffer trauma that weakens them and prevents them from maintaining their proper position in […]

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Piriformis Syndrome 101

Piriformis syndrome is a painful and sometimes debilitating condition. It’s a problem with the piriformis muscle, which is a small muscle located within the buttock. The muscle extends from the base of the spine to the top of the thigh. Without treatment, it’s possible for some patients to develop permanent nerve damage. Most patients can recover […]

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Lifestyle Changes That Can Alleviate Your Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis discomfort, you’re not alone. Arthritis is one of the leading causes of pain and disability across the globe. Most often associated with age, it can affect both adults and children. If you’re dealing with the daily symptoms of arthritis, there are steps you can take to alleviate your pain.At The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center in […]

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How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Your Overall Health

Did you know that while chiropractic care can rid you of pain and enhance your mobility, it also provides other physical and mental benefits that support your total well-being? In other words, while chiropractors can and do address painful health problems, they can also help you reach and maintain a disease-free state. The expert and […]

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Treating a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a common type of car accident injury that is sustained when the head is forcefully thrown backward, then forward. These movements cause the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves of the neck to become hyperextended and possibly torn, resulting in symptoms such as neck pain and nausea. Since the symptoms of whiplash may not […]

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Has Your Chiropractor Recommended the Graston Technique?

If you visit a chiropractor for back pain, he or she may recommend trying the Graston Technique. This treatment method is recommended for soft-tissue injuries that are causing acute, chronic, or post-surgical pain. It combines instruments that target problematic areas of tissue as well as therapeutic exercise and can easily be incorporated into your chiropractic care plan. […]

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The Dangers of Tech Neck

Neck pain is extremely common. It’s in the top five pain disorders in the United States, affecting up to 20% of the population at any given time. The worst part? In most cases, neck pain is entirely preventable by adjusting your posture and avoiding the dreaded tech neck. What is tech neck? Tech neck pain is caused by […]

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What Are the Differences Between Acute and Chronic Back Pain?

Millions of people in the U.S. have suffered from acute or chronic back pain. Acute back pain develops suddenly, often as a consequence of an identifiable injury. It can resolve within a matter of days, but may last up to six weeks. Chronic pain tends to develop more gradually over time, and it may become […]

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Could Traction Treatment Work For You?

Spinal traction treatment is a nonsurgical way to gently stretch the spine to relieve pressure. This form of decompression therapy works by producing negative pressure in the discs, which relieves compression on the nerves. It also allows the discs to receive a steadier flow of oxygen-rich, nutrient-filled blood, which supports the healing process. Your chiropractor […]

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Can Cupping Therapy Alleviate Your Painful Back?

If you’re suffering from back pain, then you know how debilitating it can be. Fortunately, surgery is not the only answer. There are many non-invasive ways to get back pain relief for many people, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and soft tissue treatments like cupping. Could cupping be the answer you’ve been looking for to ease your […]

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What Patients Should Know About Facet Syndrome

The spine consists of vertebrae, which are the bones, and intervertebral discs, which are cushion-like structures located between the vertebrae. There are also small joints along the spine, known as facet joints. These facet joints stabilize the spine and allow it to twist or rotate. But sometimes, the joints can become damaged and cause painful […]

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Stretches for Iliopsoas Tendonitis

Iliopsoas tendonitis is the inflammation of one of the hip flexors. If you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, a sports medicine specialist may recommend physical therapy. Watch this featured video for a demonstration of the stretches your physical therapist may instruct you to do. The personal trainer in this video explains three stretches that are […]

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